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About us
Hello and welcome to "Birth Glory Death" website. 
BGD, created at April 2012, is a recent guild in the server Ragnaros.
The guild is a result of long time IRL friends that have been playing this game for quite a while now, after a long break since TBC we decided to get back and establish our own guild to raid as we once did. Our goals are high, we intend to make a name of ourselves, we intend to be in a great level of progression in every patch that comes, and that is where we need you! Progress is what we want our raiders to burn for, it is after all what brings the fun.
Most importantly, we want to feel like a family, we want to feel like home. Our objective besides raiding, is to establish tight knots with our members, where we all eventually will know each other quite well while having fun competing for progress. So please if you are interested bear that in mind.

We will raid 2 days a week, three if we feel like it will be for the better and we need it. We expect our raiders to attend to most raids, keep one thing in mind, if you don't show up, you are taking the fun of 9 other people. If you have exams, family stuff etc, that is fine. We're all humans we all understand that so don't worry about it :)
However, it is important that you give a previous warning. Not attending to raids with no warning made, may lead to demote, or even removal.

We use Ventrillo to comunicate, it is important that you own a mic, however it is not completly mandatory as long as you can listen to us when needed.

On paper we will just be a WoW guild. But we aspire so much more than that, a social community where you hang with your bros, your pals, phatboys. Nobody wants to be part of something where everyone just logs in 5min before the raid and logs off immediatly after.
Take that in mind and we will be happy to welcome you, its always a thril to have a new member! :)

Secret code: Mafalda

You may be wondering what is this secret code, right? Well it's like this, if you read all that above that i wrote, i congratulate you, and it was not in vain. And because if anyone reads my crap for longer than 2 mins, deserves a reward!
How many times do we get applications through whisper from people that have no interest in the guild at all. Many times people like that don't even know we have a website, or know absolutely nothing about us. That is wrong, and the result is most likely (as it constatly happens) leaving the guild shortly after. This is a proof that at least you dedicated 5minutes to know us before wanting to get in,  this code will allow you to be accepted through whispers. I will be changin it every week.
Consider it a reward!

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How to Apply and Recruitment

Blexers, Sep 20, 12 6:21 PM.
To apply to our guild, the steps are simple. You need to make a guildportal account, if you already don't own one, it is required to post on our forums and to be in the guild. Once you do that you will be given the ability to post.
Next, you will have to head to our forums and enter Applications. It is extremely important that you read our stickys before apply, in it you will be given the formula in which you will fill the needed information and post.
Nice and Easy :)

The spots that are open/needed can be found on the widget to your right. You may see your class or spec as closed but please keep in mind exceptional applications and applicants will always be taken in consideration.
That being said, good luck and hope to meet you in the near future! ;)

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